I was on the Byron page on Bulbapedia...

Suddenly the page closed down...

The computer told me I had a COMPUTER VIRUS!



Hope you are shocked by the intro!

I'm back on Nitrome Wiki! Don't worry, i'll fix the virus soon. For now though, i'm using my mom's computer. Did you catch me on Lilonow's Travels or whatever it was called? I speak in Chinese in the story, but you can use google translate to see what i'm saying. As for Pokemon, i'm on the Elite Four. (Where are you, NOBODY?)

I think when Nitrome said "sucspected" they mabye ment me

We can have accounts on Nitrome soon! I'm looking forward to seeing you guys's profiles! If there is one, add me to your Friend List! I also can't wait until Lockehorn 2-player is released.


Penguin 1

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I will begin construction on the TCG Castle!

See ya!

PS. My catchphrase is not TCG Victory! anymore.

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