Helloooo wiki!

It's that time of year again... no, not time to take out the trash, HOLIDAY TIME! You guys probably haven't been wondering what i'm up to, but i'm going to tell you anyway! HA! Oh, and the person i'm not thinking of didn't have a blog post every day until Christmas this year... WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!!!! (Actually, the avatar calendar on sorta was lucky for me, since me and my family didn't remember to get one of those calendars :P)

The Title of this Blog

I know we made the Christmas Story, and I made the (of course unfinished) Christmas Sequel with a bit of help (that i'm much grateful for), but anybody think we should make a threequel? And if so, what would the plot be? Blueboy's sitting over in the corner counting all the mistletoes he has... he's been improving his aiming skills since two years ago O.o

Web Design Kent Must Die

I'm not sure if i'm the only one who tried this (I was with the account "leak"), but anybody try typing "" into their search bar? It currently takes you to a strange web designer site of someone named Tom McQuillan... could this be the guy that designed the original website for Nitrome Must Die?! If so, I call posting this on our blog section first... after I roughly design the banner :P

Theme of the Day

For any Nitrome Wikian (still love that term) i've found on Google+, i'm posting a random music track/remix every day... FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!

Okay, maybe not that long. For anybody who wants sometimes retro sometimes epic video game-like music, stay tuned! Here's my page if anybody at all is interested:

That's All Folks!!!!

Hope you enjoyed my update! I'm excited for Bad Ice-Cream 3 (although there has now been a BIC game every Winter so far...), and i'm sick so i'll probably miss school a couple times.

HAI, and leave comments if you feel like leaving comments!

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