Welcome Nitrome fans, to the Castle Corp News! I'm your newscaster, TinyCastleGuy! Here is the news on whats been happening in It apeers that Hot Air has landed in Sandland! The two Squirrels from Chick Flick are bouncing Hot Air's head into a Nest! Warning: The Hot Air Planes have crashlanded in The Desert! In Mexico, people have bilt a Water Tower with Hot Air's face on it. Octoboss has made a restruant where you can eat sushi. In The Spacebar Jungle people have bilt blocks with Hot Air's Head on it. The Cosmic Cannon Creators have made a ball of Hot Air's Head. In Space, Big Daddy has made friends with Big Star and has created a bomb with his name on it. The Sleepwalkers have walked all the way to The Desert. The Gift Wrappers have wrapped a gift with the Sleepwalkers on it. In the Plume, they have planted trees from Sandland. In Sandland, the Squirrels are trying to save a Chick. In the Skywire, they have made a robot of the Squirrels and a Chick and the Hedgehog. The Gift Wrappers have made a gift with Chicks on it. In the Skywire, there is a free kids ride. A Hovering Robot has escaped the Robot Factory into Mexico. In The Spacebar Jungle, people have made a block with the Green Troll on it. People have made a Snowtroll in The Mountains. A Fly From the 4 Pest-Filled Places has moved to The Skywire. In The Spacebar Jungle, people have made a block that has the Black Ball on it. The Cosmic Cannon Creators have made a Black Ball Ball. Jack Frost has been frozen in The Mountains. A long time ago, The Final Ninja has been mistaked as Dirk Valentine. People have made a SnowMagneboy in The Mountains. Magneboy gets stuck in the Rustyard. Magneboy plays videogames in the Super Treadmill house.

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