Come on! Hit the target's middle with this Triple Crossbow! Be the winner of every B.C. Bow Contest! Only $500! Tired of being the unpopular one at Knight School? Try this Vinilla flavored Barbarian Beef-Up Shake! $300! Want to give away your old Chicken? Well, then get this Battery Chicken! (Requires one A Plus, Battery not included) Only $400! Don't want the Battery Chicken? Get this Free-Range Chicken! Drop eggs everywhere! $800! Get this 200 page non-fiction book: Magic For Dummies By Wizard $3000! Get this Remote Control Steed! With 16 Horse Power! Only $1000! Get one Power Bomb, get two free! (That was REALLY not a lie.) Buy this Power Bomb! Also a sale! $300! Come on! Don't have a normal sword, you can have a Sword Cannon! $900! Want to feel like a Enemy Dragon, but good? Get this weapon: A Dragon Breath! Only $5000! Get the Castle Times! A newspaper that costs $2.00! The Happy Family Shields And Accsessories Ink. has been on the Castle Times until Castle Corp-Castleware For All Occasions beat them on Friday June 1st! That is all the Ads, so get the Castle Times and sit down in a chair that has that Friday June 1st day on it!

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