This is a long post about me and my time, and my relationship between me, Nitrome, and Pokemon. If you don't want to read this, don't read it.

I can't even remember what the title stands for!

I've been a lover and user of Nitrome Wiki for a while. I've been here longer than Santi, Axiy, Emitewiki2, and a lot of newer users. I never met Crystal-lucario. Once opon a time I was a big Pokemon fan. I had Ranger, Diamond, and SoulSilver. I loved Pokemon. Then I met (for the second time) Nitrome. *Da-dadadading!* And I spent a lot of time on Nitrome Wiki.


In December 2011, I saw Pokemon Black at a Pink Gorilla video game store. I got it. I LOVED IT. IT WAS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE VIDEO GAME. I talked about it on Nitrome Wiki, and at first people didn't mind, but some users started to get annoyed. I have seen the bad side of a lot of wikians, usally raging at other users, creating Nitrome hate-clubs, and even hating the whole Nitrome Wiki! But that's off topic. NOBODY has Pokemon White now, and I hope all of you understand that I love Nitrome and i'm only gonna talk about Pokemon in jokes or blog posts. I love going on Nitrome and Nitrome Wiki, and sometimes Neutronized. (By the way, RSK, can you inform me when a Neutronized game has been released-ay?) Please don't get mad at me. Thanks.

I.L.N.A.P. (I Love Nitrome And Pokemon)

PS. It's my birthday on the 23rd, I can't wait to celebrate it with Blueboy and you guys!

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