So, it's August now, and Bump Battle Royale has officially been released! I have two things to cover in this blog post, so read on!

Bump Battle Royale

This game ROCKS!

...But there's more to this section then just that. While the game did control great and utilized Nitrome games to it's advantage, I feel there could be even more characters and arenas, maybe even in a sequel! I've come up with ideas for arenas based on various Nitrome games, and here they are so far:

Go Go UFO - A race track in space like in the game, with meteors falling to avoid. Maybe there could be a small hole in the middle of the arena?

Thin Ice - A frozen lake, with patches of thin ice that temporarily break once driven across.

Jack Frost - An platform built up of orange-red blocks. The blocks will become frozen once driven across, making the arena slippery.

Rubble Trouble - A construction site, with Barry swinging a giant wrecking ball back and forth from above. Barry could possibly take a break to let the Mecha Saur fire a laser from it's mouth.

Mutiny - A pirate ship, with a setup similar to Squawk. Cannonballs fly across the arena every so often.

Ditto - A dungeon with a mirror in the center. A snake enemy circles the arena, and both the player and their reflection can bounce off of it.

Like my ideas? Share yours in the comments, 'cause i'd love to hear more!

Blog Plan

If i'm going to be frequently editing on the Wiki again, why not tell everyone how i'm doing while i'm at it? I stopped doing blog posts for a while, but I think i'm back on track now and will make a blog post at the end of every month, starting in August. I hope you guys like hearing from me, as i'll be sharing my thoughts quite often now :)

Until then, TCG out! 

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