It was a dark and stormy night. There was a deep fog emitting in the air. The darkness was growing... and the Nitrome Wiki was getting ready for Halloween! TREAT OR TRICK!!!!

Yes, that time of year has come again. This year Nitrome hasn't really released a new Halloween-themed game, but that's okay because they're probably going to release Cheese Dreams: New Moon next!

Now, as for my costume, I didn't really have much time (at all), so I decided to go as a Conehead Zombie from Plants vs. Zombies. I don't think my costume's too bad, but next year I think i'll plan ahead better.

Right now my to-do list is:

1. Go to school

2. Carve pumpkins by Halloween night

3. Play more of Pokemon Y

4. Play Test Subject Arena 2

5. Play the new PvZ 2 update

6. Do something else on the wiki besides this blog post

7. Finish this blog post

I think i'll succeed at 7 first ;)

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