You know how our parents/owners made the Nitrome:Christmas Story? I say we make a story with absolutly NO USERS ALLOWED. The main characters can be:

Me (Blueboy)


Robotic Rahama




Moon Light

IJZM's Dragon

and Clone Chilly.

The story can be based off mario, and the plot is the King Frog stole the Princess and Guard Dog and we (with the help of Bearded Man and his brother) go to rescue him and some of the enemies should be from Carrot Story but we will travel through Happy Jump Land worlds in order. So everything exept some of the enemies are Enemy 585. And just to clarify, Turner's blocks can apear, but not Turner. He's not in Mario even though he is very much like a Tetris block.

What do you say Nitrome Pets? Should we make Blueboy's Advenure Through Happy Jump Land?


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