This blog post has nothing to do with Nitrome.

If you have a Wii and want to buy something in the Wii Shop Channel, i'd reccomend Cave Story.

It's about a boy who falls into the Mimiga Village and loses his memory. The Mimigas (bunny-like creatures) are being captured and killed by an evil doctor and his accompisses! The doctor wants to steal an outsider of the village named Sue, and the Mimigas want to hand her over to him! Can the boy get his memory back and save Sue and the Mimigas? Just play to find out!


Boy (Human?)

Curly (Robot)

Sue (Mimiga?)

Kazuma (?)

Toroko (Mimiga)

King (Mimiga)

Jack (Mimiga)

The Doctor (?)

Misery (Fairy)

and Balrog (Toaster? Lunchbox? Metal box?)

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