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  • TinyCastleGuy

    Apologies for this not being directly related to Nitrome or the Wiki, but I needed to get this off my chest.

    So, to the point. I really like you guys! Almost all of you are kind, funny, and more hardworking then i'll probably ever be. There's only one thing bugging me though, and it's been reoccurring with a bunch of people I know: you're just too hard on yourselves!

    Now i'm not saying everyone on the Wiki is like this, and i'm not trying to make anybody feel worse than they already do. Quite the opposite, actually. I just want to give some (hopefully) helpful tips to anyone who wants them. I hate seeing people have bad days, so I try to do anything I can to brighten them up :)

    Tip #1: Try to be optimistic whenever you can! If you make a mist…

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  • TinyCastleGuy

    Christmas Presence

    December 26, 2014 by TinyCastleGuy

    Even though it might be a little late in the day... MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    I hope you guys had as great a December as I did. The icing on the cake was collecting a Nitrome avatar each day of the month, and as of now I have them all except that darn one that's supposed to be hidden in Oodlegobs! However, one thing I did NOT want to deal with was having my new computer's hinge break, so now I have to get a brand new PC! Thanks a lot for your design choice, Lenovo. Thankfully I can still get online access from my dad's computer, which i'm using right now. I know I still haven't been editing frequently, but i'll try to do whatever I can once I get my new laptop. Anyways, for Christmas I got a lot of the video games I wanted, including Cave Story 3D a…

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  • TinyCastleGuy

    Oh boy, do I have a lot to explain here. I suppose you guys are wondering why i'm not editing on a regular basis like I said I would (when it comes to procrastination, you can count on me -_-'). I promise everyone that i'll try to keep to my new schedule starting tomorrow, although i'm afraid i'll just let the time get ahead of me again. Anyway, I felt like making this blog post to tell you Wikians what i'm doing right now. Hopefully this will clear up any misconceptions...

    Over the summer (yes, it's been THAT long since I last updated) my family and I went to my aunt's house in Idaho, and it was both fun and relaxing. After we returned, school started back up, and I was glad to see my friends almost every day again but was afraid homework …

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  • TinyCastleGuy

    So, it's August now, and Bump Battle Royale has officially been released! I have two things to cover in this blog post, so read on!

    This game ROCKS!

    ...But there's more to this section then just that. While the game did control great and utilized Nitrome games to it's advantage, I feel there could be even more characters and arenas, maybe even in a sequel! I've come up with ideas for arenas based on various Nitrome games, and here they are so far:

    Go Go UFO - A race track in space like in the game, with meteors falling to avoid. Maybe there could be a small hole in the middle of the arena?

    Thin Ice - A frozen lake, with patches of thin ice that temporarily break once driven across.

    Jack Frost - An platform built up of orange-red blocks. The blo…

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  • TinyCastleGuy

    Heh, people will never get the reference in the title...

    So I was, fittingly enough, looking through some old blog posts of mine, and I found that they're all over the place. It looks like I felt the need to add in jokes every few sentences-

    • Blueboy: A lot of which were about me...

    -and my grammar wasn't always perfect. I also kinda stopped doing stuff, like trivia games and "User blog: TinyCastleGuy 2.0". I guess I stopped doing the latter because it was hard to get a post out every week. I then thought, why not keep making longer blog posts nowadays? If i'm going to be editing here, I might as well share some thoughts with the people i'm working with... the only difference here is that i'll probably only post about once a month or so.

    What d…

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