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Hi wikians! As you may know, userboxes were around for a while. I kept planning to add them to my userpage for 2 years, but today I finally did it! I added lots of userboxes found in categories and pages, stole from users and even created 2!


May you find my 2 user-created-boxes? (Do not cheat!)

  • Winners will get venuses on NFF wiki! (ignore that line if you got no idea what it means!)
  • Winners will be announced in 2-4 days (even earlier!)
  • You may not edit your comment if you think your entry was wrong.

See everything here! CLICK ME

Last thoughts

Have any opions on these breaking news? Feel free to share!

Contest ended! The correct answers were

  • This user loves userboxes.
  • This user likes Turnip bots


Each user was going to receive 5 coins. However, a correct answer was considered one that showed both correct userboxes.

No winner!

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