So after 2 years Nitrome released some preview photos and a trailer about Test Subject Complete.

What's new?

Well,the new mechanical suit:Rex209,which can walk upside.

New enzyme enemies,hazards,and that Blue must evade from "the cage" and find The scientist.

But say your opinion?Is the scientist dead? What do u think? 

If Blue evades will he survive outside? (Outside no one will give him that yellow food,but he may find natural food,but it's an enzyme,who knows if it will "be able to eat it")

  • Why Dr nastidious needs blue and why he tests him? He wants after Blue beats tests to make bigger enzymes and destroy the world?Or to use them to get the world for himself?

And why is that soldier breathing like so in the window? (kidding,that's not important XD)

New orange enzymes

So they added 4 or more orange enzymes,hazards and enemies.

First,did anyoen notice they are...ugly?The firsts were nice,but these look like monsters!

And that big "rhino" one has so much life,may it be a boss? or just a random enemy in random levels?

And why does this guard throws poor Orange Goo (that transforms in worms when hits ground) in the test zone? (again,not imporant)

Also,1 blue bullet enzyme shot by Proto-suit=1 blue bullet enzyme shot by Rex209

Say your opinion in the comments! 

Engine room The Mysteryous user Saboteur 10:47, April 13, 2013 (UTC)

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