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Hi, Nitrome wikians! ( blog uptaded)

Here we will speak about our new and finished project:The Tank Hotel!


Boss : *The Mysteryous user

Ideas: *The Mysteryous user

Graphics designers:

  • The Mysteryous user
  • Axiy

Photos finders:

  • The Mysteryous user
  • Axiy
  • some photos of the hotel are created by Axiy and Lilonow

Prize and winner

Axiy is the winner and got this trophy; 2nd best fanart maker.
File:2nd best fanart maker.png

The Tank Hotel

File:Tank hotel.png One of my most important project and the 1st and best Tank Hotel! I'm happy to see it finished!

                                              Foreman the Engineer

The boss is Foreman the Engineer.

The Tank Hotel is the 1st tank hotel and the the best! It has guns for protection. It has 8 normal rooms and 4 VIP rooms and an Umbella zone.It also has a fun zone, with water where u can swim and go in the Submarine.U just go and pay at Red Pirate room.

The passagers rooms (normal and VIPs) musn't be placed in energy zone.

The normal rooms (with peoples and one with Rahama) are the rooms where u must make the fire do not be cold.They have a bed...The VIP rooms don't have a zone to make fire, because is never cold! They also have curtains with hiden beds and a tea table.

The most important stuff is protected with invincible blocks.

There are 3 Engine Rooms, what mean what can make energy, one attack and one repair. Or 2 repair, or how the Engineers want.Near an Engine room is a block with the money.

In the Tank Hotel is a Munition room, but is protected.

The tank have as repair man,Arthur Gasket and as Saboteur Jumpmaster,Flash Biglesworth.One of the Hatched bros is in the Saboteur room and there is also a Beta Jumpmaster.

In the tank is also a Grappler.If u are hungry, u can go to Mystery Bot's kitchen.There is also a photografer.

There is also an Engine booster, what make energy or attack (but one at time).There is also the Red Pirate boss with a gun and a normal pirate with another Engine gun. After room's gun explode, he can use the Engine attack, so it has 2 attacks.

The Demolition Crew Boss controls the Mechasaur head.

The Submarine will "eat" the projectiles enter in water and shoot it to the enemy. If no one attack, the passagers will enter in it and have fun.

Engine room The Mysteryous user Saboteur 16:52, February 8, 2012 (UTC)

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