So I completed Test Subject Complete,and guess what.I got best score! I am the first place! I signed myself with "Mystery" as ussually.

I will make a gold trophy for fanon,umm fanfiction wiki.

The game was so great,so I won't leave anymore.

The story was interesting,I never knew that Blue was created for that.

Say your opinions,did u finish game? What do u think about it?

Update:Me seeing it's released

I was playing on my smartphone,and I was thinking to check the site.I saw that the game was released,so I fast ran to computer,turned it on and played it!

Old enemies

Nitrome didn't use enemies like:Mimick,Flying orange,floating mines (i think they used only land mines,NOT SURE),the monkey green...

New enemies

They still added new enemies such:Rhino orange,thrower orange,orange goo pie enzyme,soldiers,the machine

And a super-cool boss:Dr nastidious in the machine!

I don't want spoil anymore.

So I want some comments here!!! DO u understand???

Spoiler from here

So Blue heals The Scientist/Proffeseur by jumping on his mouth...Did it die? Is it still alive just for healing the proffeseur? He writes in his last log that "The only enzyme remaining is inside me".Or did the blue die just to save him?

Or it's still alive,in him after healing?

What to do u think? Say ur opinion in comments!

Engine room The Mysteryous user Saboteur 11:25, May 8, 2013 (UTC)

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