Hey, wikians!

As you may know, most Nitrome games require adobe flash player installed on your computer, or smartphone (you may already tried).

As you may know, Adoble Flash Player was removed from Google Play, and doesn't support 4.0.1.

Well my phone is using 4.1.2, and I still managed to get it.

As soon as I got it, I checked a Nitrome game: Hot Air 2.

The game runs verry well (maybe just a little slower), but is completely playable. Instead of using the mouse as a fan, you need to use your touchscreen. Yup that is right.

I tried as well ChangeType(). It runs well. I selected level 1, and after I couldn't controll the character. Maybe if I had a bluetooth keyboard...

Anyway I will udpate this post soon with the playable Nitrome games on smartphones.


  • Keep your favourite Nitrome/falsh games on your pocket.
  • Play them quick and fast, on your pocket-sized smartphone.
  • Works with smartphones,phablets and tablets.
  • Maybe it supports Android 2.1 up to 4.4?
  • Should work with any smartphone that has adobe falsh installed?


  • A lot of games require keyboard, but I think it may be solved with bluetooth keyboard,or by adding a keyboard to your smart device.
  • Possible problems when zooming it,out...
  • Games take longer to load.
  • Touch bugs appear.
  • There are games (not xxcperienced on Nitrome gaems yet) where you will crash/freeze... a lot.
  • Games may run  a LOT slower... or just very little slower.

Please comment,more news soon!

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