Hello wikians,

We at Zombified Studios wanted tell you that our Google site is up and working!


1.Q. So what is Zombified Animations?

A. Zombified Animations is a brand-new (not so new) small and (currently) non-profit team composed of animators, riggers, site maintanners, 'goodie finders', coders and 'helpers' (musicians and artists). We provide animated goodies related to Minecraft, Nitrome and we will expand to even more in the future!

2.Q. What.are these 'goodies' you are talking about?

A. Animated Awesomness (animations), wallpapers and gadgets. You can ask for a wallpaper, 100% free (note we may not make it because we are focusing on the main projects).

3.Q. Sounds cool! How can I support your work? I'll give you my money!

A.Haha. We don't want money. We want happy fans!

4.Q. So how can I support you?

A. (Note, the links are on the bottom of the page)

  • Check our youtube channel, watch our videos, like, share, comment and subscribe!
  • Check our Google site!
  • Follow us on twitter, retweet our tweets!

5.Q. Yeah, sure, I bet you aren't doing anything at the moment!

A. We are currently finishing the site, editing some gadgets for you to enjoy while we work on the main projects, making a youtube channel art and a site wallpaper. Animations will be continued after we set up the channel art and the wallpaper.

6.Q. COOL. Can I have a wallpaper?

A. Depends what it is. Leave a message on TMU's talk page and we will discuss it.

7. Q.And where are the links?

A. Right there \/ \/ \/ \/ \/

Links (to be posted in 10 mins)

--The Zombified Animations Team

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