Hello people,pepoles,nitromians,wikians,dogs,cats,creepers and zombies!!

We got big news.

My company is making a Nitrome-Minecraft animation (fan-art).

We are actually porting the NMD story to minecraft.

We have already made the 'youtube channel',and the others.

Here have a sneak peak: 212px-Austin.png

Ask questions if you feel like.You can also suggest.

And don't worry,zombies will not appear in this animation. Proof of this: 212px-AH.png

Who is working on the project? (project put ON HOLD) (see update 2)


  • MysteryTMU 'The Zombified' - Mine-imator animator/artist

Special thanks to

  • FrostyFlyTrap - map maker/artist


Get us 50 likes so we can tell Nitrome about our new fanart!

The poll was created at 18:34 on May 22, 2014, and so far 9 people voted.

Update 1

We just finished Austin's walking pre-sets.Check them out in this little video.

Update 2

Yes,NMD in MC is on hold,but we will still make Austin Carter in Minecraft. See 'Update 1' for part 1.


Hmm, is that a possible frame in one of our upcoming episodes?


 Austin finds a stronghold and wishes to explore it, but who hides in the dark? And who's strongold is? Who is the mysterious red-eyed ghost in the shadow?

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