Hello nitrome wikians.

Does anyone remember the xmas story made 3 years ago?

This one.

Well, I re-read it,as well as some other stories,and one word can describe this: nostalgia.

Now,I know that I am not very active,as I am always busy,butI think a new x-ams sotr wouldnt be so bad after all.

I rememebr the article was edited every 5 seconds-like.I rememebr I only got almost always edit conflicts.

So what I am sayign is that we should create somehing like:

"Nitrome Christmas Story and New Years Story".

I wish that people woudl comment here,so we can chat if we should make it on Nitrome wiki or NFF wiki.

I personally prefer on Nitrome wiki,since NFF wiki ahs only 1 editor ever online,excluding me.

We also need a few active users there,so thwe sotry wont get abandonated like most of...

Guys plz comment.


  • 1.Santi suggests a new name:"Nitrome Winter Story"
  • 2.


Should we make a new xmas story?

Yes - 4 votes

No - 2 votes

  • 3.Poll ended.
  • ==4. Story created.==

Link:Nitrome Winter Story

Engine room The Mysteryous user Saboteur 12:53, December 24, 2013 (UTC)

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