Nitrome Banner News

So, hi again Nitrome wikians!

We will speak today about:

1.I toke 2nd place at Skywire VIP Extended.

2.The Skywire contest

2nd place at Skywire VIP Extended

Yes, is true. Now, u can't see me in highscore because other got better score, but yesterday I had 2nd place.Hey Axiy, can u create a trophy for me called '2nd place best Skywire 2 Extended player'?

The Skywire contest

So 2 people made over 100 new Bean people? Then let's make a contest. Made your own bean people and hope u will win.

That's all today.

Engine room The Mysteryous user Saboteur 11:49, March 10, 2012 (UTC)

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