I started to play the game.I didn't buy it so I am playing demo.The demo trial is over so I reseted demo and I am again playing.

This time I live in a mine.I made a door for the entrance,a box,some guns and mine things,torches and I made a furnance to cook.


If u pay Minecraft u sure heard of Herobrine.It probably exists in the game,or may be a virus.

Mojang says that there isn't ay Hirobrine in game,but lot of people saw it.

I am not sure if is real or not,I never saw it,but once my avatar exploded for no reason.I had full life,and not hungry.Also there weren't any monsters,probably Herobrine killed me?

If it's real here is how to know if u find him:

In single player mode,if u see that:

Fire in trees,piramids or u find caves not made by u with torches in them they were made by Hirobrine.

Hirobrine looks like the original human,but has empty eyes.

People say that he is a miner ghost.

He ussually appears in dead night or in caves withc act like dungeons.

I am not sure if these stories are real:

Someone was minning in single mode.After he found a cave with torches.Not made by the player.He went thought the tunel and saw a man with empty eyes.On his head was writen Herobrine,The player run a little and changed his gun to a knife.When he turned back he apporached to hirobrine.After herobrine changed used a switch placed in his back and laval fell on player...

Another one was minning and found a small cave with ladder going down.He went down the adder and saw Herobrine laughting.The player said "Hi?"

No reply.After the player started to mine and Herobrie said: "Only God can help u know!" After all torches dissapeared and Herobrine to.The ladders entrance were locked mysteriously but the user managed to escaped...

If u see him during day he'll try to home in u.He also spawns near the altars made by players for him and here is invincible.

So...Have u ever meen Herobrine?What heppened? Tell us!

Oh do not confuse with the user:Herobrine.The virtual herobrine appears also in single player mode...

Engine room The Mysteryous user Saboteur 11:48, November 14, 2012 (UTC)

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