Me and Nitrome have discussed the crash bug and a fix is supposed to come out in a few hours (It came out already) (see here for more details)

Don't worry! I can play without the crash right NOW while the other s3 mini users will have to wiat >:)

The rest is the original blog post

No, I am not a troll. No, it is not that I dont enjoy the game.

I do not have the change to enjoy the game.

For the past hours, I kept checking and Google Play for the game.

I was excited to see the 'coming tomorrow post'.

I was glad to see the iOS release

I was over-happy to see it on Google Play.

So I downloaded it as soon as I could move my finger to the virtaul 'download' button.

Joy came here, I wnated collect some (or all) birds.

I was prompted with the title screen! AWESOME. I clicked the cage (which I later learn it leads to aviary).


No prob. I re-opened the app. Perhaps it was a weird exit button?

I clicked the arrow which obviously was the 'Play game' button.


Huh really.

Opened the app again. I figured out it could be my ON WIFI.



I turned power saving mode off.

Yes finally it works!

Crashes after 5 seconds of gameplay.

Unninstalled app. Re-install ininitated. DIdnt log in g+ this time




IN 10 MINS I HAD (AND COUNTED) OVER 20 CRASHES 1. STAR. Common crashes are a good reason to give a 1 star. I am waiting for a fix.

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