I wanted do a quick post.

I had a related to Nitrome... Related to Mobile Chick Flick...

I opened my laptop and mPowerPlay suddently opened. The weird part is that Chick Flick (mobile) opened  by itself.

Yes, I didn't know if this will happen again, so I was ready to take some screenies.

But first, I remember the title screen. There are 3 hours already and I STILL REMEMBER EVERY SINGLE DETAIL. Sadly, I am not sure how to explain it. It is best to find similar images, and link them here at a later date... Or I will try... It had these lines that come from the center This kind of background lines, but a beautiful green and yellow which looked perfect.

A tree along, the squirrels, and maybe that chick!

Anyway, the title screen was to big for a mobile phone game, but this may be just the fact I used a laptop.

All of it was an artistic way to be drawed (title screen wasn't like a screenshoo of the game).

Also, I remember it had 4 buttons.. I do not remember them exactly, but they were probably 'Play','Help','Credits' and 'Score'.

The title screen had same background, and the lvevels box. 

It had around 20 levels, so it couldn't be the mobile version. Nor the falsh one also.

Level 1: Same background. Same gameplay. The low frames + lag spikes were like in the Four Play one.

I quit and started taking a screenie. I am unable to remember what happened next.

Oh well... What could all of this mean?

Update #1

I forgot to mention that mPowerPlay was just a random window, and I played Mobile Chick Flick using the keyboard.

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