Hello wikians,

No they are bad, and I mean it BAD NEWS (we also have some good ones, oh well).

We will start with the bad ones because the good ones may cheer you...

Austin Carter in Minecraft and NMD in Minecraft are on hold, if not canceled.

Yes, since FrostyFlyTrap's leaving  (he was a -key special helper-) there is no morale or wish to finish the project.

Sorry. In the best case scenario, we may make a part 2 to the test animation we already made. And that will be it. (this animation click me!)

The good news!

We are making a new website! This one will have a more organised look, mobile support, slideshows... maybe extra coding... Oh well... It will look great...

We will be currently focusing on Random Minecraft animations and cancel/postpone the Austin Carter and NMD projects.

Update #1

The site is up. We are looking for beta testers!!! 

As an exclusive, me and TSF have been working on something special on the site!

Who will be the first to see it?

Update #2

Our website is up! Link: Zombified Animations

Twitter: LatinZombies

Youtube: Our channel

Hopefully no errors... You will see Minecraft and Nitrome related stuff. We will also post GIMP-made images of fan levels of Test Subject series! :)

Note Remember to disable your ad blockers or the site will remain blank!

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