So tomorrow (in the summer) Icebreaker a viking voyage will be released.

So here are some questions:

1.What is your favourite I.B. character and why?

2.Do you have an iOS.If yes did you buy it for Nitrome games?

3.Would you like the game to be for other devices to?

Well I can just say my work on the Icebreaker ios gallery is almost over...After so much time...I an only say I added every single photo! So much so I fell ice on me...Brrr!

So as seems,there will be new enemies,new characters,a new sheppeard and goats! SO much stuff.

Even i didn't like so much the ice breaker games,that one I would If I had an ios.

I will soon take a pause of some weeks from the wiki and this cold game,just a short the hot sandy beach and sea! Something must melt this ice,doesn't it?

Update:Did you freeze your avatar?

Engine room The Mysteryous user Saboteur 12:24, June 19, 2013 (UTC)

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