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    Happy New Year!

    December 31, 2015 by The Mysteryous user

    So here it is. New year. A new beggining.

    So, how did y'all celebrate the New Year? Fireworks? Parties? Champagne?

    Anyway, I wish you all 2016 be a better year than 2015, but worse than 2017. May all your wishes become true and wathever you proposed for this year be accomplished.

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    TMU is here with a life-saving solution for y'all you WILL enjoy and YOU will support.

    I don't feel like giving a ton of back-story or anything so I'm going to cut right to the chase: I want to propose that we combine each games' pages into one page!

    Each game section will have its usual sections. We should also get rid of the extra pages and out all information, including enemies and hazards in the Ultimate Page!

    Thanks for reading this extremely important proposal of sorts, and I hope you support this as much as I do

    Support for good luck!

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    Update: April fools! :) Hi guys,

    Know Lyngo games (THIS, a site that was started by Nitrome co-founder and has 2 exclusive games? (it used to host other Nitrome games Heather worked on).

    I have no idea when, but it looks like going to this URL:

    leads you to the first mentioned link.

    What do you guys think about this? Comment!

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    Hi wikians!

    So you remember the really old news when you could play Steamlands directly on my userpage?


    Now you can play it directly on my site, responsible for advertising The Austin Carter in Minecraft video!

    Play Steamlands!

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    December 24, 2014 by The Mysteryous user

    Uh oh, it looks like this blog is exclusive to Nitrome fanfiction wiki.

    Wanna see it?

    • YES!!!!!!
    • I was actually looking for the homepage
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