Hi guys from Nitrome Wiki again! We have some good news and sad news.

Sad News: Bump Battle Royale would never be released between July 4-18 and July 18-25 2014 since 8bit Doves was announced in the mobile game, so "Not Out Games" in this article adds in the Nitrome games never even out!

Good News: August is almost here, you'll be happy to here, from AustinCarter4Ever to Plasmaster, from Spring to Winter, from January to December.


"I JUST NEVER BELIEVE MY EYES!" -Test Subject fan, awarded a Bump Battle Royale game in August 2014.

Nominated in the best-seller on August 1st 2014, we'll bring you a new game. The game would definitely released in August, so you can't play a new game quite yet, but we have a surprise for you all later on today's involving Pixel Love.

Come back later to find out what happened and what it is.

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