So apparently that Bump Battle Royale released between July 4-18 2014, and Sandman startup has a picture using the snapshot... well... Check this out: Sandman startup

Pretty simple, huh? Oh... and do you know that the Bump Battle Royale game icon is missing? Why? Because it's Rush Week in July 5 but in Tour de France 2014 open... look, the earth goes yellow! Haha, just kidding!

So you should know that Startups, even fixed, but not bad as well as a Turbo movie.

Please submit your photo or gif in the startups section here or in the menu here, you have to play a new game here, and sorry, Rush Week coming out in worldwide July 5 not July 16 and in July 18, in Russia, Moscow, UK, England, among other countries.

Please hurry, submit your photos in the menu until the Jam closed down. Hurry! For the first $1000,000,000,000 only!

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