Phew... it's have been a Rest Day on the Nitrome Wiki.

Well, late last week we got a new game called Bump Battle Royale, it's a newest arcade game this year. Oh... and hey, you get a quiz up! Here are some quiz for you:

A. Avalanche

B. Bump Battle Royale

or C. Castle Corp?

(2 seconds counting)

Correct, you got the gold royal rumble, or in this case, a gold medal! The answer is: B! B is a letter placed for Bump Battle Royale!

Here you go:

So uh, congrats guys Test Subject fan and Santiago Gonzalez Martin, "Welcome to Bump Battle Royale", lined up with Nitrome Jam's closedown and every users. (and I'm still no. 1 (not trying to be arguing))

So yeah... uh i don't know if the reason i can't write anymore around here well is because of my aching tooth or my presence here.

I'm back here it seems. Not sure If I'll not be a chat moderator to help the wikia's user though. Well, I'll just wait for the game to pass 7-days weekends active then I can make articles about the iconic non-Touchy games.

We'll taking the 7-days in Tour de France but the FIFA World Cup 2014 is closed and everybody's gone home!

There's nothing we can do about it. We couldn't help for a football, and now it's over. But hey, do you know what game is it? Yeah! IT'S VIDEOGAME TIME... i think!

Well, we'll hope you enjoy it in this arcade game by Nitrome, and i'll see you later guys, so get in touch!

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