Hello everybody!

I'm Tema, the user's wiki. I want to tell you that the new games announced not this Wednesday but it's July or September. So this game announced for the mobile game 8bit Doves, and the 8bit Doves menu title look like a menu for Icebreaker A Viking Voyage's menu title.

So you should know that Startups, Nitrome Touchy Controls, Avatars, and other pages are fixed, just laggy and glitchy, so sorry about that. :(

Anyways, you may know that Graveyard Shift's Run Bonita Run rip-off is, you know Bonita from Run Bonita Run is better than Maiden in Graveyard Shift?

Here ya go: Runbonitarunicon vs. Maiden - Party skin XD

So you know why? Because it's 4th of July, it's coming back in September!

Any last words? Oh wait, that's not a right line...

Anyone should know when we left?

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