Hey guys from Nitrome Wiki! I'm sorry to have no release on July 18th because July 25th since Rush Week even coming, so does the Wikia's page!

Between July 18-25 2014 not even in 28 days to go, this game would knocking on your browser window soon! On your keyboard or Touchy, would apologizing to chatting on your own. Didn't closed the Nitrome Jam because i'm so swell! Because it's not coming on July 18, every users gets swell at chatting!

Because no. 1 is not a best place, so does her upcoming game, according to the icon. I'll tell you how is that working:

  • Rule No.1: No eating like popcorns, hamburgers, spaghettis and others.
  • Rule No.2: No drinking like Coca-Colas, yogurt drinks, sodas and somethings.
  • Rule No.3: No smoking outside and/or inside, smoking the cigarette because boys and girls will smoking out and you'll be drunk and the house will burned the others from fire! And i'm not telling you hehehehe...
  • Rule No.4: I got bored from this.

The only wiki i will be checking on is the Nitrome Wiki and possibly something else, everything else related to WIP is getting serious or is online/offline. Get it? Serious? Oh, okay!

I'll see you soon until in 28 days going. So peace bros., Test Subject fan and Santi.

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