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  • I live in at Wikia
  • I was born on March 6
  • My occupation is I was teaching in the class
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  • Tema.gubert

    Hi Nitromians and Wikia users, In January, it's okay to see you! =) Sorry, i was not wrote it since January 2015!

    It's 2015 and it's good to have celebrations, or have celebraties, never believe it! =D New games, new year, new things! =3 The chat is good new! Old, new, things... =| IDK what i did!

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  • Tema.gubert

    This year is getting late. The new upcoming halloween game hasn't come out in September 2014 and there are a plan to play this game for its release. I'm having a feeling Nitrome, not really bad...

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  • Tema.gubert

    Hello Tema.gubert here, a bit off topic but you have to be ready because this weird thing might happen which i assume when i'm not angry.

    Anyway i was tell in the name of my wiki unless i need too but here is the knowing site i was:

    • Avalanche endless mode retirement - 99 million i'm getting points for surviving, and there is the bottomless mountain dying the level. If you noticed the Avalanche game and have to keep running, enter here to have a page to look at.
    • Upcoming halloween/horror game - There is no name to display here. Also, if you look closely, you can look at the character from the no name game. I'm sure it would be scary maybe. But what is it called?

    For your patient, be sure to check the blog post. AC4E pleased anyway i was playing…

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  • Tema.gubert

    I have 8bit Doves! WOOT!

    September 14, 2014 by Tema.gubert

    Dear nitromians,

    I have just buyed 8bit Doves! All 30 levels in just three days, woot, woot, YIPEEEE! ... okay, maybe that was a little to extreme. XD

    Also, I played it and making new avatars before my big bro in the blog post. (^-^) Now off to make vid walkthroughs, woot! Off we go! :D

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  • Tema.gubert

    Yeah, remember those 1989 days when I said I was the best at everything and I was an attention hoarder? *Shudders* I'm glad I changed... and I kinda forgot i wasn't why I brought this up XD

    But anyways, I hate paying; I hate my life. I payed 8bit Doves. So when Nitrome released a mobile game yesterday, i thought I'd be able to pay much money through it liek I did Icebreaker A Viking Voyage. NOPE. I started sucking at the game as soon as I paying from the app store. Go on and laugh, I suck at paying games not free. Just play the Icebreaker mobile game instead...

    It doesn't mean the I hate the game (I think it's an awesume concept), but it was too much for me and i hate paying the money...

    I haven't lied about the Nitrome games that I beat, but…

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