Ok, I have decided to make a tower of heaven level building contest! Unlike my ancient steamlands one, this one will be able to have the levels viewed by the judge easily. Build your level and post your code in the comments. Also, we need an experienced flash gamer to play all the levels and judge. I won't be a judge, as my code is below: UPDATE: New level for the contest. The old one isn't entered, and will be placed in the comments.

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|Deadly Ascension|Takeshi64|Beatable. You have to time it right at some places. Really cool stair action.|

Well, that wraps it up. Please build levels, and if you can't because you haven't beat the game, help judge!

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