Official, Invitational, Takeshi64 Steamlands Level Judging Competition!

I had the idea, that since users are making quizzes, I will make a competition for Steamlands Level Building. I want users to think of ways to get the levels (made using dev mode) to the judges, who will be chosen, since you can't upload levels to the wiki.

Qualifications for a judge:

You need to have played Steamlands and Steamlands Player Pack before you read this.

You need to have beaten at least 8 levels of Steamlands.

Know how to develop levels.

This competition will start on the 31st and end on the 10th. I need to figure out how to get the files to the judges...

If you want to be a judge, leave a message on this talk page.


Ok, everyone is allowed to enter, including wiki contributors! Wiki contributors will not be given the amazing, undisclosrd prize, unless they create an account, if they win.


Your level will be judged on three categories.

  • Creativity of Gameplay
  • Advanced Knowledge of Level Creation
  • Overall Difficulty and Gameplay

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