Apparently, according to my aunt, that password security site a lot of us were using in chat a while ago is a scam to get you to type your password in so that the people who run the website knows what they are. I thought the sit was fine, but I'm changing all my passwords to be safe, as the possibility scares me. I'm not positive if it's true, but I wanted to alert anyone on the wiki who used it that that might have revealed your passwords, and that it might be best to change them. Also, I'm away and won't be on the wiki, but I got on for a few minutes to write this blog.

Mainspace User Tab

As shown on my userpage, I created a template that when added to your user page or user talk, will show your mainspace edits in addition to your complete amount of edits. I think this is useful, because it shows how much you've helped the wiki in comparison. Just add
{{User:Takeshi64/Templates/Mainspace User Tab|<insert name here>}}
to the top of your user and talk pages. If you want to adjust the positioning, copy the code, adjust the Positioning, then make a new template or paste e code on your user and user talk.

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