Figured I should start this up early-ish so people have time to enter and then to create their gifts. So without further ado...


If you are unfamiliar with the idea of secret santas, basically each person who is participating is given a random other person also taking part in it to make a gift for. Each person only has one person they are making the gift for and one person making the gift for them. They keep who they are making the gift for a secret until a time near Christmas where everyone presents their gifts to each other (TBD).


If you want to participate in the Secret Santa, please tell me on or before December 6th. I'll be lenient about the time limit but don't stretch it. Commenting on this blog or telling me in chat is fine, or any other way of messaging me off the wiki as well.

Assigning people

After December 6th, enter chat and open a private message with me when I am around and I will tell you who you are making a gift for. I'm going to do this so that I won't see who each person has so I can participate as well.

Gift making

If you don't know what to make as a gift, maybe look at the person's userpage to see what they are interested in and make something off of that. I'm guessing the most common gifts will be art and maybe music but feel free to make something different as well. You don't need to ask me about approving gift ideas, just don't submit a bad gift due to lack of effort.

Gift giving

At some date near Christmas everyone who is able will gather in chat to present their gifts. I don't know when this will be yet, I will check what time would be best for everyone when it's approaching that time. If you can't make it to that, then present your gift to the other person after that point in chat or on their talk page.

List of participants

  • Takeshi64
  • Heropon Riki 1
  • Megaphantaze
  • TinyCastleGuy
  • Plasmaster
  • AustinCarter4Ever
  • Nitro and Me
  • IJZM
  • Random-storykeeper
  • Stplumboder
  • Klemen702

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