We'll be having the 2nd gameathon this Saturday (the 28th) at 9:00 PM EST.

For anyone who is confused about what happens during the gameathon, we all get together and compete to see who beats the 2 games chosen the fastest. At the end of the 40 minutes for each game, we will record the order of who is the farthest in the game. We'll be using Google Hangouts to get together and use the screen share to see the progress of everyone, but it is by no means mandatory. We will post a link to the hangout in chat a couple minutes before the gameathon starts, so be there if you want to join that.

Here is the form for submitting games to be played. We will pick two games at random right before the gameathon starts.

If you can't make the gameathon, feel free to play the games we chose on your own time and tell me how far you got when the 40 minutes are up and I will add you to the results.

That's about it. Hope to see you there!


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