I really have no issue with an inappropriate joke every once in a while, but in Discord it's gotten out of hand. The constant crass "jokes" that people make are just childish and stupid. There's only so many times you can giggle at the word orgy or penis before it becomes pathetic.


People rarely have a normal conversation in Discord. It seems that people are almost never being serious which makes it harder to actually connect with people and have a genuine conversation. Jokes are good when you're actually having fun, not when you're emotionlessly throwing out comments without really caring about any of it.

Private chats

I'm kind of sick of this. I think having "secret" channels is disrespectful. The idea of having a private chat where you can only talk with people you actually care about is self-centered and rude to all the other users. It makes users not included in the private club feel excluded and as if they don't matter.

General chaos

The Discord chat really has no rules. There's the "don't be a dick" rule but honestly if the only requirement for chat is that people aren't going to be outright mean then that still leaves room for a lot of dumb behavior. Basically people in Discord just do whatever they want and no one ever asks anyone else to tone it down at all. I'm not asking for strict rules but basically letting people do whatever they want in chat is a mistake in my opinion.

WIP I guess

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