Time for the 9th gameathon, sorry for the late post. If you want to know more about the gameathon or see the list of already played games, visit this page. Here is the poll to suggest more games. As usual, it will be held at 9:00 PM EST this Saturday

Changing the time of the gameathon

I know several people have asked me about having it at a more convenient time for them so I am going to just collect my thoughts here in case anyone wants to see them. So summer is approaching quickly, which means that peoples' schedules will be more flexible and more people will be able to make it to the gameathon. I'm thinking of just keeping the time we have now until early June or so and then asking people what times would be convenient. If I end up repolling people for what times would be most convenient before then (I already got some it for some of you when you commented on the last post) I may end up alternating times each week to make it so some people don't consistently miss it all the time. Anyway, if you have more questions about this I will answer them for you...

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