Most of you know the rules at this point, but if not read this. Same time as last week, 9:00 PM EST on March 7th (This Saturday). The poll to suggest games for this week is here.

Multiple people finished games this week so to make it easier to place people we're going to ask everyone to time how long it took them to beat the game, if they beat it. Anyway, here are the results from last week:


Place Name
1 Megaphantaze
2 Random-storykeeper
3 Plasmaster
4 AustinCarter4Ever

Test Subject Green

Place Name Level
1 Megaphantaze Finished
2 Random-storykeeper 25
3 Plasmaster 23
4 AustinCarter4Ever 10


Place Name Level
1 Megaphantaze Finished
1 Plasmaster Finished
1 Random-storykeeper Finished

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