Well, on a field trip, I'm going to New York City. It will be such a fun experience to visit Ellis Island and see the Statue of Liberty, and go to Ground Zero and see the spot where September 11th took place. Not that the experience itself isn't serious. Seeing things I've read about is always fun because you're really there. Anyway, I'll wake up at 4:00 tomorrow and get on a bus for 10 hours (No electronics, unfortunately. I wanted to play Mario Bros on my antiquated Gameboy from the 1990s.) So I'll probably sit on the bus reading a book for a long time, probably one I've probably already read. When you have a lot of time to kill, it's always good to do something constructive that you never have the time to do normally. They have a movie system on the bus, but we're only allowed to watch "G" movies without getting a permission slip, which means it won't be very interesting at all. Name a good movie you've watched that's rated G. Anyway, that wraps up the portion of this blog for today. I'll hopefully have a lot more to say tomorrow (including maybe a photo of the Statue of Liberty). I've prepared myself for the trip by playing the 32nd level of Rubble Trouble New York. =D

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