Every single time I move more than 3 pages in a short period of time, I see:

Action throttled

You can not perform this action right now. Please try again in a few minutes, or contact Wikia if you are having difficulties.

Return to Nitrome Wiki.

This is really annoying, because I have to wait about 5 minutes before I can rename another page, and then after I rename a few more, I see it again. It happens so often that the "Action throttled" page is now one of my most visited pages on this computer. Is anyone else having this problem? It's really annoying and is stopping me from making much progress on Nitrome:Rename.

Also, has anyone noticed that moved pages aren't showing up in WikiActivity anymore? WikiActivity seems to be showing less and less info.

Pop ups on

Recently I also have been getting pop up windows from nitrome without clicking anything. It used to happen once and a while, but now it's happening with almost every link I click. Is anyone else having this problem too?

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