Hello reader, how are you? Maybe you already know that I'm making a game called The Greenfruit, well, if you didn't know that, know you know :D. Some people have been helping me and offering their services, and now came to tell you something.

What I already have is someone who programs my game, someone who made the music, and the artwork, that is in charge of me! :D But, I still think something's missing here. I created lots of sprites and decorations, such as Moulins and a Toucan that flies off the screen sometimes, but I still think that I need more stuff. Like for example ROCKS can be? or something like that, so if you can help, You'll be in the credits of my game. Untill now I have the following credits:







And here I'll leave a picture of all the sprites I untill now created...

File:TGF - All Sprites.png

Sorry if in the image there's a little bit of messup ;) Please comment with your image!

UPDATE: Level creators WANTED!

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