Hello Reader, welcome to the Cat Contest 2012. As you can read, this is a cat related contest. It's not admitted cheating people here, since google or internet provides some info. Don't worry if you don't know much of cats, this is just to test how much you know. Answers please posted in the comments. Contest closed 14 february noon. You'll earn the following awards:

1st place: Goldcat Award Trophy

2nd place: Silvercat Award Trophy

3rd place: Bronzecat Award Trophy


Question 1. What's the breed name of the cat that has brown ears, tail, paws, face, and the rest of the body is white?

A: Blue Russian

B: Siamese

C: What? That breed does not exist. -.-

Question 2. What number of days does a female pregnant cat has to wait before giving birth?

A: 2 Months

B: 1 Month and 1 half

C: 3 Months

Question 3. Are the Siamese breeds immune to be intoxicated?

A: Of course, they're the strongest.

B: A little bit, depends on the quantity of the poison.

C: They're totally not, they'll instantly die of course!

Question 4.Do you know how much cats do I have?

A. Um.. nope. You never told me!

B: 6, 4 Males and 2 females.

C: 3, Two females, one male.

Question 5.Are cats smarter than dogs?

A: Obviously not. Dogs are smarter.

B: Cats do. That has been proved.

C: Both are the same thing.

Question 6. Do cats really like fish?

A: Some of them do, but some of them do not.

B: All cats love fish.

C: They hate fish, it's not known why was that said.

Question 7.Are there more cats or dogs?

A: Dogs are more.


C: They are almost the same.

Question 8.Do cats really have 7 lives?

A: That's not true. They can live up to 20 years!

B: Yes they do.

C: Almost, they live up to 9 years.

Question 9. Do cats sleep on beds?

A: They do, although they love their owners!

B: Some of them do. Other ones don't prefer beds.

C: They sleep on the washing machine.

Last Question. What do cats like the most?

A: They love being with another cat on the roof.

B: They love to be loved by their owners.

C: All mentioned before, and also, they don't like to be compared with dogs.

LAST: Good luck! DO NOT CHEAT. Seriously.

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