As some of you were changing your avatars.. I decided to change mine too. I think I'm changing it with some content of a game I really like. By the way.. this blog post was not only made for that.

Some of you may know I make my own art, and that's true. That's why I had an idea of a game called Squarephant. I'm currently making the sprites and working with the background. The plot of the game is about an elephant, better known as Elephant Square, that once upon a time was said to leave the Cleppe Rainforest to explore a place anybody ever explored it. Ending? Wait for the release of the game ;). (PS: I don't think the game will have a release anyway)

Nothing to do with all mentioned before: Can't wait for the release of Swindler!!! Looks pretty fun and since I beat all the games that were playable for me.. playing them feels boring. The games I haven't beaten (yet) are: Hot Air, Tanked Up, Scribble!, Steamlands (Series), Rush, Enemy 585, Worm Food, B.C. Bow Contest, Powerup, Mirror Image, Graveyard Shift, Bomba, Pixel Pop, Flipside, Fatcat, Numbskull, Dog House, Magneboy, Pest Control, Head Case, Nanobots, Space Hopper and Dangle. Altogether 23 games!

To end this blog post, I have to say.. I recently earned the 2 weeks on the wiki badge! Congratulations to me!

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