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  • I live in el Reino Champiñón.
  • I was born on December 30
  • My occupation is mi ocupación
  • I am un Magikoopa
  • Superyoshibros20

    Find the mystery!

    February 1, 2014 by Superyoshibros20

    Hi! If you are bored and you want to play games like finding a person in a screen full of people, here comes "Find the mystery"! This is the first game.

    Every time I have an idea, I´ll put there an image, and I´ll put the rules. In that image you must find a thing or different things.

    You can write it under the image if you want. You must put before the comment a "-". For example: "- I found it! It is...". You can only post something under the image when you find the mistery, and you must put "It is..." and then where is it. The other users can choose: continue looking for the mistery or read the comment.

    There are some tipes of mysteries: easy, easy-medium, medium, medium-hard, hard and extreme.

    No, there are 3 types of mysteries:

    - Normal mys…

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  • Superyoshibros20

    Hello! In this blog post you can say 1 to 5 games you love and 1 to 5 games you hate and you can also say why do you want or hate them.

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  • Superyoshibros20

    Hey everybody another time and happy New Year 2014! I hope everybody gets awesome presents. How was 2013 for you, good or bad? How do you think 2014 will be, better or worse?

    Also watch my other blog post:

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  • Superyoshibros20

    Hi! This is my first blog post I wrote here! We can talk here about the world Happy Jump Land. You can choose a character, like a Henchman, a Small Legged Blob, the King Frog, the bearded man,the princess, the guardian dog, a squish block a barrel shooting rocks, a fireball or a gold coin.

     -Hi! I´m a Henchman. I love coins.                                        - I´m a happy coin, do not touch                                                                                                    me or I´ll dissapear!  

    Character´s list:

    -Superyoshibros20 -> Henchman

    -Klemen702 -> Squish block

    Characters needed:

    -Small Legged Blob.

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