Ok today is the 5th of december that means its 20 days till christmas (i do mafs, but not Engish)

Ok i dont no if in waz snowing in our part of the world but in Scotland it Snowed

It not a big deal cause it snows every december cause of climate change (CURSE YOU, GLOBAL WARMING)

but today we got out of school. My parent were not home so i went to the park to see who waz there,

A couple of people were there, and some girls turned up

Sooner or later everyone in my year waz there and some guy called sam threw a snowball at my friend alex

She went totaly bezerk and attacked him with snowballs, like rapid fire (were talkin about mini gun from NMD)

Eventually it everyone got into it and it waz boy vs girls, There is a big field with trees around the side and that waz the battleground

Me and my friend samuel foun a good spot up a tree but Alex found uz and called over a couple more girls

we were stuck up the tree 4 ages, it waz freezin and my face is still num but i still luv snow

Sorry this post took so long and i didnt bring up any important nitrome points but beingstuck up a tree 4 3 hours is big news


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