Hi everybody at the Nitrome Wiki,

I've just added some code which hopefully allows us to show avatar information on game pages / character pages. The plan is to not copy avatar templates from the Avatars page on the game pages but to link to them. That will help us having a little bit less work with updating avatars if changes are made to the current ones.

As can be seen on the Super Stock Take page, I've added code to the game template. If you look at the bottom of the template, then you can see a new section called "Avatars:". That section will list avatars 1) related to the game 2) that can be found in-game.

The avatar section will then contain a link (or more links if there are more than one avatar) to the avatar on the Avatars page. How the link looks like can be seen below:

Full avatar-superstocktake


(ID is based on the id that has been given to the avatar by Nitrome)

Clicking the link will take you to the avatar page and above that it will take you to the right place as well.

Now, this blog post has been made to create a discussion about how this can be improved before we start adding them to all the games pages / character pages. If you have any suggestions, improvements, or comments, then post below.

Also, any comments, improvements, or suggestions to the Avatar template and the Badge template can also be posted here. These templates can be seen on Avatars or Badges.


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