• Sim533

    Nitrome Jam games...

    June 6, 2014 by Sim533

    A list of games until Nitrome puts them up at @ by bartbonte by PixelJam by josepwh, 53xy83457 by 42spacecheese by wolve

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  • Sim533

    Nitrome is having a lot of games which don't get released to public. Examples enough of games we eventually got to see. Because I know that graphic designers do release some of their artwork which is not being used in games, it sounds an interesting fact to discuss their artwork.

    In the following blog post, there's a mock up for a top down view miner game... Aside the picture, there's nothing much more given than the title of this blogpost and the word 'possible'. *

    Could it be a game that Nitrome thought off? Of course, this is just based on a picture, and so good as speculation, but still... During 2009, Markus did the artwork for Cave Chaos,…

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  • Sim533

    Just wondering what Nitrome's doing today.

    It seems like they didn't prepare their easter event very well. Upon trying to update their website so the easter event starts, they seem to have broken all pages involving private messages and comments with an exception of the blog (but there the comments fail to load)...

    Funny, as now, people who are waiting cannot play Nitrome games on the Nitrome website. (Without mentioning Pixel Love, as these work)

    And more funny, as this whole story is just a deja-vu from when the accounts started. Shouldn't Nitrome test features more often with their players on smaller basis before throwing it out to the full public?

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  • Sim533

    Avatar Template Discussion

    January 16, 2014 by Sim533

    They changed the avatar page on the first day Nitrome started working again. It doesn't display the christmas calender anymore, so I'm not sure if we need the Christmas Avatar section on the Avatars page. People who are searching for a specific Christmas-Avatar-related hint won't search under Christmas.

    There are also some avatars related to game releases such as Cheese Dreams New Moon and TSA2. So, I'm wondering if we should add icons to avatar titles to mention that they were part of a game release, or a event such as Christmas.

    Avatar page on Nitrome:
    Avatar page here on the Nitrome Wiki:


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  • Sim533

    Four Play Research

    January 6, 2014 by Sim533

    Everybody knows how to play connect 4. A game that we've been playing since we were young. But what I didn't know is that Nitrome released a connect 4 game as well a few years ago (about 9 to be exact! ) I've just found out on the wiki page about it: Four Play. I investigated a bit and found the game file.

    On the page, there was an interesting link to a web archive page of Nitrome's website back then in 2005. The good looking blog feature on the website had a link where we could download the Four Play game they made. It is the following link:…

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