Creating this post because I have an announcment to make.

Don't know if this is the best place to post it, but whatever.

As your resident expert on sprite ripping, I wish to inform you all that the Sothink SWF Decomplier tool has been reduced in effectiveness. As you may have noticed, I have not uploaded any images from Cave Chaos 2, but it's not because I'm lazy, because believe me I tried. The problem lies with Nitrome themselves.

'They have started making their games in the format where the only thing available is a swf that loads the game from the Nitrome servers, not the game itself. So if you save Cave Chaos 2 off all you will get is a small program that loads the game, not the game itself. It will still work for older games, but unless Nitrome decides to quit this method for some reason all games made after 5/17/2012 will not be accessible without extensive knowledge of Actionscript.

That is all.

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