Hello guys. I created this blog to talk about most important things on this wiki. I'm not copying Axiy's news. Read previous if you want!

Go and help!

First of all I want to say that on nitrome wiki there are alot of editors and on pixellove wiki there are only 6 (I said about that in previous news). So go and help there!


Has anyone spotted that if you click on icon game when another is at work another will be closed?


(I know that this ask would be better to post on n. fanfiction wiki) On which program you create fan-art?

Interactive O/objects

Someone deleted Interactive Objects section and created Interactive objects section. Why did he/she do it???

That's all?

No, if I will have something more to say I'll do Sabkv's news 3.


If I made any mistakes feel free to correct.(I mean grammar or spelling. Please comment about others)

Sabkv (talk) 18:19, July 21, 2012 (UTC)

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